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Weingut Höhn : The passion for quality wine-growing industry

Weingut Höhn Winery – 300 years of tradition.

The wine-growing industry has been in their family from generation for more than 300 years. High quality wine and sparkling wine grow about 20 hectare of vineyards. They cultivate their vineyards environmentally, Friendly and sustainability. They give their wine the opportunity to achieve their full evolvement in their wine cellar. All the national and international awards and honorary prizes they have received for their wine proves they right and confirms high quality.

Weingut Honn Asia Import News

The vineyards are divided into eight vineyards:

The Jewish Cherry is at the top and it’s about 1.95 ha, the varieties riesling, Pinot Noir, Dornfelder, dark fields and Cabernet Savignon are farmed.

The Schiersteiner Hell approximately 11.35 ha. In terms of quantity, most of the Riesling grows – a small area with Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc and just under 1.50 ha Pinot Noir and Dornfelder.

The frauensteiner Herrnberg and it’s size is about 2.2ha. Divided into the varieties Pinot Noir, Riesling, Merlot, Chardonnay. Our winery cultivate the largest contiguous area of ​​Spätburgunder in Frauenstein. The Phylittschiefer as a base of our vines gives the Burgundians an international character.

The Eltviller Sonnenberg size is 1.25 ha the exposed location of the gently sloping southern slope gives the location your name. In addition to a lot of sunshine, the vines get their best water and nutrient supply thanks to deep loess and loess loam with partly gritty deposits in the soil. The result is wines with a beautiful fullness, mineral acidity and vegetal aromas.

The Kiedricher Sandgrub Size: 0.95 ha,once was able to mine sand for construction purposes. Here, the south to southwest aligned individual situation extends across municipalities in the district of Eltville. A slight slope makes for a lot of sun and the due to the size of the location rather inhomogeneous soils usually consist of deep holes and Lösslehmen. Tertiary limestones, which produce fine Riesling wines with elegant acidity, are also a special feature.

The Erbacher  Marcobrunn size 0.4 ha,the old German word “Marka” for border gave the at the entrance to the village of Hattenheim coming world famous vineyard Marcobrunn his name and refers to a well at Gemarkungsgenze Erbach-Hattenheim.Urkundlich the first time was mentioned the situation as “markenburne” before 1200. In this vineyard are medium-heavy soils, which are traversed by tertiary marl, with optimal water supply. Here grow large Rieslings with varied acidity and aroma, which also store well are and have gained worldwide fame with their raciness.

The Hattenheim Mannberg size is 43  ha, Under the old name Mannberg one understands a surface measure of different size, depending on the nature of the ground and the activity (breaking, plowing with a horse).

The Hattenheimer Nussbrunnen Size: 0.98 ha, source whose origin is still recognizable today and which was once covered with nut trees, gave the vineyard Nussbrunnen at the outskirts of Hattenheim to Erbach the name. This produces bouquet-rich wines with a lot of substance and content and a multi-layered palette of flavors.

Weingut Honn Asia Import News


The unique and qualitative product is the Riesling wine in different varieties from dry to very sweet and it’s exclusive and unique granite barrel Riesling.

You can expect a diverse wine list with some exotics that you would not expect in the Rheingau. The varieties Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Dornfelder, Merlot and Cabernet Savignon. For white wines, they have the bread and butter wine, from dry to semi-dry in the 1 liter bottle.

The red wines are matured according to old tradition mash-fermented and dry, except Spätburgunder and Dornfelder. The specialty Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and best Spätburgunder ripen in small oak barrels (barrique). Our best red wine comes from the steep slope Frauensteiner Herrnberg, there grow our varieties Riesling, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Get to know the right wines for every occasion.
Try, enjoy and feel good.

This 2019, Weingut Höhn has joined Asia Import News and have won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals. And these are the list of wines that have won in competition.


Awarded Gold in 2019 Asia Import News

Weingut Honn Asia Import News




Awarded Gold in 2019 Asia Import News

Weingut Honn Asia Import News


 Awarded Gold in 2019 Asia Import News



Awarded Silver in 2019 Asia Import News

Weingut Honn Asia Import News


Awarded Silver in 2019 Asia Import News


Get to know the right wines for every occasion. 
Try, enjoy and feel good.

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