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Dante: The Single-wine Varietal in Purity

Tuscan company Dante want to present at Asian distributors to discover one of the most sought-after excellences from Europe: the single-wine varietal in purity. It is a wine produced with artisanal methods, as it was done in the Italian countryside already from the fifteenth century until the ’50s, and as is still produced in few selected vineyards. And above all, it is a non-blended wine, therefore not standardized, with variations from one vintage to another. To make even more precious the single-wine varietal by Dante is the fact that the grapes of the selected vineyards are the native ones that have always belonged to the Italian territory. The result is a wine as a unique experience, rich in history and tradition, an authentic sip of Italy in every glass.

Dante Asia Import News

Excellence is called by name and by number.

The name Dante originates from a reminiscence of Daniele and Leonardo from the high school: Dante Alighieri, called the SommoPoeta (the Supreme Poet), mentions wine in the XXV poem of Purgatory in his Divine Comedy. And it is in honour of his poem that a Roman numeral is associated with each wine. III) Sangiovese, an eclectic wine, an expression of the most traditional and ancient dark-berry grapes of Tuscany; V) Ciliegiolo, with a soft, traditional taste of the central part of the region with aromas of undergrowth, wood, geranium and rose; XII) Pugnitello, a ruby red wine with purple shades, with a slightly herbaceous scent and a full taste given by the high alcohol content, good acidity and tannins of high quality; XV) FogliaTonda, an ancient and rare grape of the territory able to produce a strongly fruity wine; XXV) Vin Santo, with an amber colour and a sweet taste with hints of almonds, honey and light spiciness; XXIV) Vermentino, wine with gold colours  and delicately flowery aromas that comes from very white berries.

Dante Asia Import News

Naturalness and Respect for the territory.

DANTE offers the possibility to export to all those vines that have escaped the mass production and exploitation of the territory, without having to change their artisan production methods. This is the real key-factor that distinguishes a wine by Dante to any other wine that, due to the blend, has lost its original soul. At the same time Dante actively invests in the restoration of vineyards, in the Italian wine-growing regions, abandoned because they could not satisfy the standards of industrial production.

Dante Asia Import News

A sip of Italy in every glass.

At the same time, Dante offers the opportunity to taste an original wine, rich in history, convivial, healthy and natural. These characteristics are increasingly requested by Asian consumers, who are looking for exclusive experiences that can bring them closer to lifestyle of the rest of the world.

Recently, they have joined Asia Import Challenge 2019 and their wines won 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals. Here is the list of wines that won the competition:


Awarded Gold Medal by Asia Import News

Dante Asia Import News

A nearly vanished vine that re-emerges to take your palate to new heights.

DANTE Foglia Tonda a is a rare and sublime Italian excellence. The mysterious origins of this local single-varietal wineare lost in the mist of time. Its only historical reference dates from 1877, as Rovasenda documented its presence in the Castle of Brolio del Barone Ricasoli. Its cultivation was abandoned for about a century, since the excessive productivity of the vine prevented clusters from maturing. Today, the patient, exclusive cultivation in clayey soils allows you to savour again the full and full-bodied taste of this Sienese wine.


Awarded Gold Medal by Asia Import News

Dante Asia Import News

Allow yourself the pleasure of a rare and ancient Tuscan wine with limited production.

Among the local singe-varietal wines grown by DANTE, the rare Pugnitello deserves a place of honour. An ancient, long forgotten vine of Tuscan origin, left behind due to the low productivity of the vines. Low yields had to do with its small, round and truncated cluster. A “small handful” of juicy grapes, which lends it name to the wine itself. Today, the high quality of the blend have made its low yield less of a business deterrent. And thanks to DANTE Pugnitello, it marvels palates again with its unmistakable taste.



Awarded Silver Medal by Asia Import News

Dante Asia Import News

Discover the inimitable taste of the most famous wine of central Italy.

DANTE Sangiovese carries authentic Italian heritage. The Sangiovese vine is one of the most ancient and representative of the Bel Paese and of the its territory’s generosity. It is believed that already the Etruscans, over 2000 years ago, cultivated this sanguine grape to produce precious red wine. According to tradition, the name Sangiovese derives from the definition of “Sangue di Giove”, attributed to it by the monks of the Monastery of Sant’Arcangelo in Romagna. From the gentle landscape of the Tuscan hills, the cultivation of Sangiovese has in fact extended over the centuries to adjacent regions and throughout Italy, to the point of conquering a world-wide reputation. Even today, as in the time of the Etruscan kings, a sip of unblended Sangiovese evokes sunny landscapes, dotted with vines and olive groves.


Awarded Silver Medal by Asia Import News

Dante Asia Import News

DANTE Ciliegiolo is a local, single-varietal wine of centuries-old tradition. This soft and noble wine, with refined notes of cherry, has its roots in the lush vineyards of central Italy. Present since ancient times, according to recent studies, it could even be the forefather of the most famous Sangiovese, with whom it has a deep connection.

Rediscover wine made the traditional way.

Today, DANTE offers Ciliegiolo, its unblended,  single-varietal wine, in the fullness of its original taste. Tasting a sip means letting yourself be lulled by the authentic taste of a handcrafted wine, just like in the Tuscan vineyards. For this reason it is referred to as DANTE V, where the Roman number honours one of the glorious chants of the Divine Comedy, a great work of the Tuscan poet.

Single-varietal Ciliegiolo: A pleasure passed down over generations.

Becoming inebriated by the fruity scent of Ciliegiolo DANTE is a unique opportunity for the senses. A sophisticated wine with a ruby red colour, it is as lovable as it is rare to be tasted unblended. Choosing DANTE to rediscover and market top quality native wines offers you the chance to access this exclusive experience in its most authentic and natural form.

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