Cascina Pian d’or: “Like fresh grapes in a glass”

“Drink my Moscato d’Asti? It’s like tasting a fresh bunch in the glass”. Cascine pian d'or2Clear words, direct, those of Valter Barbero, owner with his wife Lina of the Pian d’Or Winery of Mango. A phrase that sums up their working philosophy, the result of twenty years of experience in the field of viticulture, on the hills of that part of Langa dedicated to the cultivation of Moscato grapes.A sweet, aromatic wine, gladdens the best moments of the day.



Ever since I was a boy, I became passionate about the cultivation of the Moscato vine. A passion that led me to become a producer, to exalt, in my work, a grape with unique aromas, to preserve in wine, a final product that has to tell how quality is achieved by bringing an excellent raw material to the cellar.

Their working philosophy is based on three concepts: passion, work, quality. On this point at the Pian d’Or Winery they are very clear: “The raw material is always obtained respecting the natural course of the vine, and accepting the evolution of the climate, or rather the microclimate of our area of ​​Langa. This is the only way to obtain the true natural quality of Moscato!. That “sweet natural taste” of the grapes that is found in the glass: “In the United States and in Europe, who appreciates my wine and enthusiasts, they always say this: “when you taste my Moscato d’Asti Bricco Riella or the Asti Acini, think about that you are tasting a fresh bunch of grapes, to feel the real taste of the acinelli”. An image that becomes real: the sweet natural taste comes alive in the wine. Because for me Moscato wine is like this: quality grapes in the glass . A natural transition from grape to wine, whose original flavor is maintained thanks to the use of a fundamental but non-invasive technology, indispensable in the process of processing in the cellar. Cascine pian d'or4



The vineyards of Cascina Pian d’Or are located on the hills of the City of Mango in plots with privileged exposure that extend for about twenty hectares.

During the year the works that are performed have only one objective: to produce a really good fruit. Valter Barbero takes care of the vineyards according to the most ancient traditions, leaving the best expression to nature. The technology in the vineyard is reduced to the bare minimum compared to the precious contribution it gives to the cellar: precisely this meeting between ancient tenacity and modern techniques allows Cascina Pian d’Or to obtain a Moscato d’Asti alive in aromas. Much attention is paid to the ripening period to get the harvest by hand in the right days: the balance between sweetness and freshness is played from the harvest.

Cascine pian d'or3

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