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Weingut Nehrer – An amazing range of Leithaberg wines

Discove and learn about some great Leithaberg wines directly from the source


What differentiates them from competitors?




The winery Nehrer is located in the beautiful Burgenland, on the southern slope of the Leitha Mountains. Currently we cultivate about 24 hectares of vineyards. For us variety of varieties on the one hand and variety typicity on the other hand is the goal – the right wine on the right soil.



In order to implement this concept at the highest level, knowledge from three generations has been gathered at our family winery. The grandfather helps where he can. If bottled wine he helps to side. Every bottle goes through his experienced hands. After studying and taking a long trip to the international management of a US corporation, his father, Hans Nehrer, found his way back to the winery and turned his love of wine into a career. John is the next generation. He learned in Klosterneuburg. He gained experience in Spain, Germany and Austria. He also actively works in the winery. His handwriting is already recognizable in many wines.



RED WINE AND WHITE WINEwhat differentiates them from competitors?

In the vineyard Nehrer white wine and red wine are of equal importance and get the same attention in vineyard and cellar.

With about 60% of our red wines, however, take the greater part of the acreage. We pay special attention to the selection of the soil for the grapevines. The Leitha Mountains offer an incredible variety of geological features, allowing us to craft different wines of the highest quality. As part of Leithaberg DAC  , we have chosen to produce wines that are fruity and mineral in the region in which they grow.

Our white wines and our red wines have won several awards, have won and made us proud.


The love of nature should be in the cradle of the winegrower, because he spends a large part of his time in the vineyards. 


We are proud to have Weingut Nehrer as winners on our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition! We congratulate them once again and wish them good luck!

AIN wine challege

Importers, Distributors and Professional Buyers, discover the amaing variety directly from Weingut Nehrer!

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