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Pretium Wines: Unique Spanish Wines That Astonish Everyone!

Have you tasted great spainish wines?

Then never miss Pretium!

All natural and nurtured with passion, the centenary vineyards from Rioja Alta gift us with Pretium wines

Pretium history is the victory of that kind of feeling, of that desire.

This is to achieve a person’s dedication to make her dream come true, that person is BertaValgañón. However, her history also has far-reaching roots: before her, even before her father Alfredo, there were generations (at least three generations) of wine producers in their vineyards. Because they are involved in local cooperatives, only the third generation has asked for support for many years, but they have always maintained the spirit of traditional vintners.

Moreover, within such a genuine context, in the heart of Rioja Alta, in the Villaseca, Fonzaleche, Cellorigo and Cuzcurritade RíoTirón areas, Pretium Winery was born. Led by BertaValgañon, he is responsible for research in winemaking and wine growing, which represents craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail… and, this is the main point of view for every little thing, just as its name means The same as the appointment: Pretium.




The work of Pretium Winery marks two key points: the longevity of the brewery and the craftsmanship of the wine.

Special wines are always part of the vineyard. With this in mind, Pretium details wines from unique vineyards: wines grown by our great-grandparents, about a hundred years old. Located in Villaseca and Fonzaleche, each vine is different and offers unique tips to first class wines. In addition, thanks to the enormous biodiversity brought about by decades of work and commitment by Alfredo Valgañón and María LuzGarcía, the vineyard has been resisting for many years without any invasive chemical treatment.

Traditional craftsmanship fully respects raw materials and engages in human intervention as little as possible. In winter and summer, Pretium wines are always suitable for ageing, suitable for natural and natural humidity and temperature conditions.

They have devoted their time in the vineyard for generations. Till now, they are still insisting the great art of wine-making: Love for the land, longevity of their wineries, and craftwork in producing the wines.

Pretium wines


Unique Pretium Wines

Pretium wines are the best communicators behind the Pretium winery: centuries-old vineyards, grape care and all traditional and sustainable treatments and elaborate…

All of these features introduce leads to the very limited Pretium wines. Red wines (Pretium, Pretium Garnacha and Pretium Viñedos Centenarios) can be distinguished by details in the elaborate process, which will vary depending on the type of grape and its source. Therefore, for tempranillo, fine-grained French oak barrels have an aging time of 12 to 18 months. For garnacha grapes, a monovarietal wine whose products are in open pits and aged pottery jars.

White wines are also impressive, produced by viura grapes, malvasía and other small crop varieties, and will remain in a 500-litre barrel for eight months in their own winery. All of these will provide a unique and amazing taste. Just like everything in Pretium winery is authentic and only.

        Pretium wines4

Are you excited to find out more about Pretium Wines? Don’t hesitate to click HERE for more information!


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