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Petroni Vini – The Emblem of Avant-Garde and Innovation!

Are you looking for  a leading company in the sector, in Puglia?

Stop searching! We have what you need – take a look!


Present since 1865, we have actively participated in all the harvests affirming ourselves , from the beginning, as a reference point for the best production of wines of Puglia .



The Petroni Vini Srl was born from the renewal of the family winery aiming at the enhancement of the Apulian territory and aiming to meet the needs of its customers in order to ensure genuine products and quality .petronivini_history

The Petroni Vini Srl was founded in 2001 , from the renewal of the family winery that, since 1865, has actively participated in all the harvests, establishing itself, from the beginning, as a reference point for the best production of wines of Puglia.

Petroni Vini geographical position boasts a  hilly-clay-like hilly area particularly suitable for the cultivation of red berry vineyards characterized by very intense pigmentations , complex old factory sensations, alcohol richness, softness and longevity.

The Petroni Vini main objective focuses on an increasingly petronivini_howitsmadeaccurate specialization in the processing of red wines , proposing continuous refinements, with the aim of establishing themselves more and more in the world of wine making .

Petroni Vini greatest ambition is driven by the desire to satisfy expectations and generate new satisfactions in the customer, not simply emphasizing the characteristics of our products, but by providing availability, flexibility, competence and listening skills.


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The Petroni Vini  prefers to use local raw materials, guaranteed by the producer in its genuineness,  minimizing the environmental impact that transport inevitably entails. A policy, ours, which aims at the rediscovery of our territorial identity ,enhancing, despite the great production, the precious relationship between producer and cellar.

The grapes, the raw material of our product, are carefully followed every year during their maturation phase and subsequently selected thanks to the care, dedication and professionalism of our cellar technician.

Loyalty is our prerogative which, in our case, is not limited to a simple business relationship, but is further enhanced by a personal relationship between the producer and the cellar.



At Petroni Vini the maceration of the grapes during the fermentation process is the key principle of their processing.
It is their prerogative, during this phase, to guarantee the most complete extraction of the phenolic compounds, especially anthocyanins, in order to enhance the intense pigmentations and the aromas typical of the wines of their land.

Bulk wine

We highlight the main nuances of our land

Focusing on specialization and an increasingly accurate processing of musts and red wines is not a casual choice.

The needs of the customers, increasingly varied and varied, are for Petroni Vini a source of growth and stimulation of renewal that, to date, allows them to decant the transformation of grape varieties, often very different from each other and that, for this, need of particular and unique ad hoc processing.


The choice of vineyards particularly suited to specific types of production allows Petroni Vini to offer their customers some superior selections that have denominations such as:




Donna Viola is the emblem of a floral and feminine face, a project that aims at enhancing a territory as old as it is dense with history, which, however, does not cease to come back offering dreams and perspectives: Puglia.




Petroni Vini bulk wines have always been  the main target of the wine market in the Italian Tyrrhenian regexportsions (Campania, Lazio, Tuscany) and the islands (Sardinia and Sicily), but in recent years the quality of Petroni Vini product has attracted the attention of several foreign markets,  such as  France, Switzerland and Poland, a basin that we are committed to implementing every day.

Every year Petroni Vini  renew their objectives in order to create products of superior quality that are up to the expectations of our Italian and internationalclients , taking advantage of the knowledge and experience gained over many years of activity.



We are proud to have Petroni Vini  as winners on our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition! We congratulate them once again and wish them good luck!

AIN wine challege

Importers, Distributors and Professional Buyers, we invite you discover and buy some innovative range of wines from Petroni Vini!

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