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Poggio Nicchiaia: How They Interpret Tuscan Traditions in a Modern Way?

 Situated in a magnificent Tuscan estate of hundreds of acres,  Poggio Nicchiaia is known for its great wines!

Poggio Nicchiaia is a dynamic young winery located on a hill about 40 km south of Pisa. It is set in in the hills about 40 km south of Pisa, close to the town of Peccioli. It’s located on gentle, undulating Pisan hills with elevations of up to 200 meters above sea level. The soft landscape and mild climate are affected by the nearby coast currents and are full of Etruscan history. The Soil is a very interesting compound of marine origin and rich in fossils with a sandy-silt-clay texture. in this setting of nature, Poggio Nicchiaia has about 50 hectares of very good vineyards with an average of 5,000 plants per hectare, of which Tuscan Sangiovese has the largest number of varieties.

Poggio Nicchiaia


We are passionate about producing wines that offer a modern interpretation of Tuscan traditions, an exquisite evolution in taste, not dictated by fashion but by the quest for enduring pleasure.

To keep up with this idea, Poggio Nicchiaia has five wines…only five, not a long list: the classic Chianti Superiore DOCG, the two super Supercans, the IGT Tuscan red With IGT Costa Toscana White Vermentino, wines where the creativity has exceeded itself.
The main body of the 50 hectares estate stretches along the “Serre” road and is spread over farms in a wonderful natural environment. In addition to Sangiovese, red varieties grown using the spurred cordon method and Guyot, are Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Pugnitello and Vermentino.

this is Poggio Nicchiaia's vineyard
Vine cultivation focuses on the interaction between grapes and microclimate to improve the richness and complexity of the fruit. From the beginning of the harvest, the winemaking team, with the best help of winemaking techniques, tracks each fruit processing phase to obtain results that are consistent with the typical sensory characteristics of the region.


Respect for traditions, love for innovation, and willingness to accept and overcome new challenges are characteristic of Poggio Nichia’s men and women. They are passionate about creating wines that meet the true emblem of Tuscany.
Also,we are proud to mention that they won 4 medals in AIN WINE CHALLENGE 2018!

Let’s discover their best selection of wines:

FIORE DEL BORGO (vermentino) Igt Costa toscana

FIORE DEL BORGO (vermentino) Igt Costa toscana:
– made with 100% vermentino grapes.
– after a long fermentation, we do batonage until very shortly before bottling
– the very  floral bouquet refers you to the white flowers; full body, persistent, mineral.

TIGLIANO Igt rosso toscano
TIGLIANO Igt rosso toscano:
– balanced blend of sangiovese, cabernet sauv, syrah
– three months of aging in wood,
– ideal to enjoy its bouquet of fruit every day.
FILETTO Chianti Superiore docg
FILETTO Chianti Superiore docg
– the most traditional wine of Tuscany, here with 100% Sangiovese grapes, in accordance with the old Tuscan tradition, but modernly interpretated.
– 10 months aging for an attentive care of tannins and fruit
– resuting in a complex and elegant wine, presented with a conical bottle, very attractive

MANIA Igt Supertuscan
MANIA Igt Supertuscan 
– a real superTUSCAN with 70% sangiovese and only 15% Merlot and Cabernet S. each
– 13 months of aging in barrel
– a very intense, persistent wine with marked red fruit aromas, a sumptuous flavor with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

GIOYA Igt Unique Supertuscan

GIOYA Igt Unique Supertuscan 
– it’s made with Pugnitello, an autoctonous grape rediscovered by Florence University about 20 years ago.
– and 10% of it, is left over ripened in the vineyard to obtain a higher concentration of the grapes.
– meaning of the lock on the label:  tasting this unique wine, you unlock your enological experience by discovering the Pugnitello, a grape of ancient times.

Are you excited to find more about Poggio Nicchiaia? Don’t hesitate to click HERE for further contact!


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