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CA’D’OR Wine: What’s The Mystery Behind The Noble Mask?


Are you captivated by the design of Ca’d’or Wine even at first sight?

The noble mask, a symbol of Ca’d’or, elegant, mysterious, sexy, reminds you of great art of Venetian glass decoration.

Ca ‘D’Or Franciacorta, selection of sparkling wines produced in the autochthonous territories of Franciacorta (sweet morainic hills of Lake Iseo – Brescia) and of the Lessini Mountains (volcanic soils of Lake Garda – Verona) is the exclusive brand of the Menmade agricultural company whose products are: the Blanc de Blancs Millesimato Durello DOC Vintage.


First, the bottle is so beautiful, unique, and elegant!


The smooth shape gives an interpretation of ancient Venice Amnesia.

The brand’s Venetian origins are marked in relief on the glass of the refined Ca’ d’Or bottle(1501).

The design of the bottle also meets its functionality.

The function pf the design appears during the ageing of lees in wine cellars, and it also appears when the product is poured into the flute after maturation. The large surface area allows more contact between the liquid and the selected distiller’s grains, allowing the sediment to release the necessary substances, thereby enhancing the performance aroma of their Franciacorta wine and thus improving its taste and nose characteristics.

As a professional winemaker, they adopt the biological-oriented method in their vineyard.

In their vineyard, with the use of modern technology and traditional method, they combine history, culture, and tradition. Because of the hard work of their teams, they come up with great quality wines, which is made in their vineyards on the hills in the Franciacorta and the Lessini Mountains.

The Ca ‘d’Or brand, stands out for its wines with selected yeasts, from the pleasant fruity notes regarding Franciacorta; while the Blanc de Blancs Millesimanto Durello Doc is characterized by its acidulous notes,
its natural mineralogy with a floral bouquet, which stands out for its origin from the Volcanic terror, the low content of sulfites.


In recent years, they have received many credits both from wine-lovers and from the media.

Particularly, FIVE wines have won the gold medal of AIN WINE CHALLENGE 2018 !


Are you excited to find more about Ca ‘D’Or Wine? Don’t hesitate to click HERE !




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