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Champagne Legret: How A Planet-Friendly Culture Helps Them Make Great VEGAN Champagnes?

Among the Champagne region in France, you must have heard the name of Champagne Legret!

It is the love of our countryside, respect for wildlife and our natural working methods that allow our land to express itself today freely and with virtuosity.

For 4 generations, their love and attentive care for their vineyard never stop.


their vineyard

Located on the slope of Petit Morin Valley and Sézannais Valley, Champagne Legret has a uniquely favorable natural environment in their vineyard.

If you are a champagne-lover, you must not be strange to regular grapes used in the wineries such as Chardonnay.

About 1,6 ha of Chardonnay, 1,35 ha Pinot Noir and 1,75 ha Meunier are planted in the domain. The varieties of grapes in the vineyard enable a great range of flavours in their wines.

As you can see, Champagne Legret is a natural home for making champagne.

Chardonnay loves Light soil and limestone subtrate in Sézanne and Barbonne Fayel.

As to Pinot Noir, known as “the princess in grapes”, is very picky about the climate. However, with Light color, less tannins, a hint of sweetness, and certain elegance, Pinot Noir has obtained loveful craziness from wine-lovers for years. In Talus-Saint-Prix and Oyes, this precious varity is very adapted to Clay silty soil in the terroir.

For Champagne Legret, nature is truly a gift.

More importantly, how to maintain great harmony with nature while discover its richnesss?

That’s why to be planet-friendly is in the essence of their culture.

They love their countryside, a place where four generations have devoted their passion in wine-making.

It is this love that drives them to respect the land and use natural planting method in their vineyard.

Sustainable agricultural technologies , such as organic fertilizers, and soil tillage machinery, are used in their vineyard. Also, to develop the defensive capabilities of the plant, they adopt biological kinetic agents and widely use organic agricultural products.

They also use BIODYNAMIC METHODS in the vineyards based on organic treatments. In all their vineyards, they do not use chemical yeasts but they proceed a natural fermentation.

vines  vineyard


Their champagnes have the particularity to be both VEGAN and organic certified (Terra Vitis cerfication). In november 2016, they were the FIRST to be VEGAN verified in the champagne region.

No draft horse in their vineyard, No animal gelatine, fish glue, casein or egg albumen for their filtration, No casein from milk in our label adhesive. Only vegetable plaques are used to filter.

That’s why they have the VEGAN champagne that you can trust.

They do not use animals to work in the vineyards or any animal-derived products to dynamize the soil. That’s to say, No Animal-derived products are used during the VINIculture part for fining the wines. What’s more, they don’t use any pesticide since they are organic winemakers.

Their diligence certainly makes their Champagnes stands out.

It is all that , but also you , lovers of Champagne LEGRET , your smiles , your comments, the glow in your eyes upon discovering our wines , that make a true passion of our work.

Not only are they certified but they have also proved that ORGANIC wines could reach a high level of quality since they got several gold and silver medals at international and national concours, and are also recommended by Decanter. All these credits partly comes from their highly qualified team. For example, they have a 19 year old employee who was rewarded by the gold « pruning shear » 2018.

AIN wine challege

Recently, 4 champagnes won the golden medal of AIN WINE CHALLENGE 2018 !


rose saignee

Rosé de Saignée-Brut nature

Grape variety: Pinot Meunier

Bright and clear, Exquisite bubbles;the nose is marked by the intensive aroma of  red berry, greedy and long-lasting. The finish is long and leaves a sour note.


Contraste-Extra brut

Grape variety:  60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, and 30% of blend coming from reserve wines.

A bead of fine bubbles, rich nose, rich buttery taste with white little fruits and citrus fruits; soft and smooth, with white floral notes, licorice-like citrus, long and long-lasting texture


Mineral-Chardonnay extra brut

Grape variety: Chardonnay

Long-lasting nose, fruity and floral;  fresh and rich in minerals, which gives a savory citrus texture with a hint of a toasted brioche, and extends to a greedy, long-lasting finish.


EquilibreExtra brut

Grape variety: 40% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir, 40% of blend coming from reserve wines.

The nose is marked by the aroma of dried banana, orange fruit and golden apple. The taste is fresh, which is full aromas of pineapple and sweet almonds.

Are you excited to discover more about Champagne Legret ? Don’t hesitate to click HERE !






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