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La Croix de Saint Jean: A Heritage of Three Generations

In great wines, EMOTIONS always come before all the sensations

That’s why everybody gives THUMBS UP to La Croix de Saint Jean



The Fabre family have never stopped their love for the terroirs of Minervois.

For three generations, they devoted their life time to create diversities and new possibilities here.

The story started from the grandfather, Pierre. He was a very smart man. It’s him who started the fishing culture in this region.

Then the father, Robert, was living in a difficult historical time. At that time, he made a bold decision about moving vineyard to the slopes. Surprisingly, the grapes is very adapted to live on the slopes. Thus, Robert became the pioneer of the region, someone who made a revolution in the vineyard!

The story continues.

Nowadays, his son, Michel, is producing the wines of great quality for all over the world.the family

Je crois beaucoup à la synergie des cultures, des idées, des compétences pour élaborer un grand projet. La force de la Croix de St Jean réside dans l’équipe qui l’anime, uniquement familiale. Trois générations assurent son quotidien. A 78 ans, mon père Robert, représente la force, la tradition,le courage, l’exemple et la sagesse. Virginie, mon épouse et moi même apportons la modernité, le professionnalisme et la rigueur du métier. Alexis et Annabelle, nos enfants, sont totalement impliqués dans l’exploitation, ils communiquent leur fougue, leur énergie et représentent l’avenir.

Winery is not a simple technique. It’s a combination of culture, creativity, and capability.

For La Croix de Saint Jean, where does the power comes from?

It’s familthe passion of michely.

The persistance of three generations. They respect the land. They creat beautiful stories here.

Michel believes that wine-making is like a symphony. Each movement consists of rigor, preparation, anticipation, modesty, share, and intelligence. Each wine is unique. It needs a specific strategy. 

lo manaitge

The art of great wine waits for you discover.


If you are interested, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lo Mainatge.

This wine is a golden medal winner of AIN Wine Challenge 2018. Lo Mainatge is made of 70

AIN wine challege%  Black Grenache and 30 % Syrah. This wine has good concentration ,well balanced, generous, and full of sunshine!

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