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Château Hostens-Picant: Where to find great bordeaux winery in France?

In Bordeaux, the majority of French people love the wines from Château Hostens-Picant !

“We are a small vineyard, but I’ve always put an emphasis on quality. My philosophy on the Hostens-Picant property is to leave a legacy of passion for the land and passion for the wine. My wish is that our wine represent the very essence of a civilization celebrated for its culture and flair for life.”

—Eric Fréchou

  • Wineyard with over centuries’ history

    The winery

    Their wineyard has a long history. In the past five centuries, the land had its magic power to attract four families to live there. It has been named as Château des Granges, Château de Grangeneuve, and finally in 1990, Yves gave the name Château Hostens-Picant to the estate. As the fourth family settled in this land, Yves and Nadine build their vineyard empire step by step. When they first came to this land, there were only 19 hectares of fields used for planting grapes. At that time, they saw great potential in this area. They spent three years to run tests and finally decided to build cellar here. In 1990, they creat their first wine by using the grapes from their vineyard. Yves and Nadine have devoted their lifetime in this land for the ambition of making great wines in the world.

  • A guarantee for quality

    The vineyard

In the past, they have made great effort to evolve their land. Significally, in 2004, they  decided to cooperate with Stéphane Derenoncourt. Thus they get professional guidance from Stéphane and his staff. What happens next proves that it’s a wise decision they made. Their vineyard begin to prosper.

Over the years, they insist on the manual work to guarantee the quality of the grapes. In their vineyard, no chemical is ever used. Everywhere you can see that they are taking good care of each process to ensure the great quality of wines. They select only the best grapes and then send them to the cellar. They attentively turn the first 20cm of the soil to let the plant breathe and have more oxegen. When the grapes are harvested, they will be delivered to cellar and are fermented in vats.

  • Their spirit, Their ambitions

    When they first started their winery, the Sainte-Foy Bordeaux was not considered very competitive in the market. Most of people were fond of the other bordelais. Because of this, they did commercialization of their wines by themselves. They analysed the market and saw that if they wanted to success, great quality at afforble price will be the key.They had a dream to take a place in the good table of the world.

    Nowadays, Charlotte and Valentine are still pursuing the spirit of a bordeaux. They promote their products and culture with passion and love for the brand. So far, Château Hostens-Picant has obtained great reputation on in France. French love its wine for the exceptional quality.

charlotte and valentine

  • High quality wines produced by Château Hostens-Picant

Château Hostens-Picant Cuvée des Demoiselles

Château Hostens-Picant rouge

Château Hostens-Picant Cuvée d’Exception Lucullus

Château Hostens-Picant Cuvée Valentine

Château de Grangeneuve rouge

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