The wine experts are not only in the USA and in Europe: in Asia too we are able to judge wines! 🙂

Our tasters are journalists specialized in wine, sommeliers and restaurateurs, experts and savvy Asian amateurs, amateurs and international specialists … we favor a wide variety of tasters from various worlds and representative of Asian consumers.

Our notes are not therefore less technical than those of self-proclaimed specialists in the US, France, and Europe. They are representative of the pleasure experienced in tasting by a panel of free tasters and no personal interests.

All wines can be rated, we accept all appellations from all countries without prejudice. To answer all requests, we ask for low and identical participation fees for all.

The results are communicated to thousands of Asian importers and distributors and rankings of the best wines by appellation are carried out each year from 2018 to facilitate the understanding of the professionals and amateurs of Asian wines.

To get your grades as early as 2018, try to join the classification of the best wines of your appellation and make discover your wines to distributors and amateurs asians, register your wines now: first results in March 2018.

Important: we also note spirits and liqueurs, very popular in Asia.