Innovative Importers: one of the leading importers in Taiwan and China. How do they select their products?




A professional importer with official import license

Unlike many companies in Asia that claim to be importers but are in fact only distributors without official import card, agents or any kind of more or less serious individuals, Innovative Importers is a pure importer.

They import for distributors of brands from around the world. They have an official import license and do not distribute directly.

The advantage of working with a large range of professional importers is to have serious and quality work in terms of transport, payments and tracking of customs files to the distributor who is the final customer.

Suppliers do not need to process multiple orders with multiple distributors: the importer is their only customer. Innovative Importers will take care of everything during of transaction of products. (Transport, insurance, communication with the distributor, delivery etc)


Who are the final distributors?

Innovative Importers is important for all distributors of all sizes and types. From convenient stores to airlines to restaurants and hotels, all distributors can order from Innovative Importers in minutes. The Innovative Importers Portfolio is composed of new products regularly, the offer is qualitative and diversified. Once their order is placed and settled, they have nothing to do. Their order is delivered directly to their warehouse.

The most important customer of Innovative Importers is the 7-Eleven Group, which works directly with Innovative Importers for various leading retailers in Asia and representing thousands of outlets in China and Taiwan.

How Innovative Importers selects its brands?

In recent years, only brands with high quality are of interest to Asians, especially in terms of wines and spirits. Therefore this importer selects the best brands for each product or appellation. The product must be exceptional, as well as the packaging adapted to the final customers.




To find a brand, suppliers can contact the importer directly via the contact form on their website. If the brand is potentially interesting for distributors, it can enter the official portfolio of new brands. Once the brands are placed in the portfolio, all distributors have access to the new products sand can order it. The entry process is simple.

For more information about Innovative Importers, you can visit their official website HERE.