Wine train to China – a 16 day journey
From France to China – An ambitious new project

In the new China Railway Express are going to jump and travel thousands of bottles of wine from Lyon. The new projects is a great initiative with 16 day journey,  which has to cross Eastern Europe and traverse Russia.

In this moment the only way to import the wine in China and ship it is by sea – which takes on avarage 30 – 45 days.

Currently the Wuhan-Lyon service runs twice a week and Lyon-Wuhan service runs once a week.

This ambitious new route has already been tested with a first journey between Wuhan-China and Lyon-France in April 2016.

Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics

China want’s to send around 5000 direct trains/ year in EU. The CR express’ trains currently run regularly from inland cities in China directly to European destinations including Hamburg (Germany), Warsaw (Poland) and Madrid (Spain).

The trains are specially designed to ship wines.


Even if trains are believed to be a cheaper option than aeroplane and it took shorter than ship transport, the vibration brings challenges for shipping less chemically stable wines.

The wine containers used on by the CR Express trains are the same as those used for shipping, and equipped with air conditioning and temperature tracking system, said WAE.

Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics
Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics