Clos du Phoenix : Highest Quality Organic Wines from Lebanon

In 2003, when Clos du Phoenix started planting the vineyard with Cabernet Sauvignon, none of them thought that in 10 years their wines will have earned many medals; from Decanter for the chateau Syrah 2009 and the Cuvée de la Citadelle of the same year, Then two years later the Cuvée de la Citadelle 2012 won another medal, and this year the Château Syrah 2014 won the gold medal Indian Wine Consumer’s Choice Award for 2020.

By 2010, all 6 hectares of clay and limestone terroir were planted. After the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre completed the vineyard for red wine grapes.

The terraces of wine are flourishing harmoniously at 400 meters above sea level over the Mediterranean, in the Batroun region North Lebanon. For white wines we planted Chardonnay and we grafted the Marsanne on Grenache stems.

After much effort, in 2016 we obtained the official bio organic certificate for both the grapes and the production of wine. Technically, quality is guaranteed by rigorous pruning to control our yields, and a cessation of all aggressive treatment for the soil and the vines. We have not ploughed the lanes for several years. The management of natural grass is done by mowing 1 to 3 times in the season. These working methods allow us to naturally raise the level of organic matter in our soils and see their biological activity develop. The care of the vines and the harvest the grapes are entirely based on wine quality and not quantity.

For 12 years now, Yvan Jobard, a Burgundy Born, third generation winemaker is responsible for the vineyard and the cave where he oversees the grape progress, the harvests, the winemaking, and the bottling. Clos du Phoenix is one of the few wineries in the country that applies the technique of malolactic fermentation for all its wines.

Since 2017 a 6th wine made from native white grapes “Merwah” completes Clos du Phoenix production. The vines are more than ninety years old.

Clos du Phoenix complete range of wines is made with indigenous yeast, not the preselected ones. The light filtering helps preserve the aromas and flavours of our wines with very little Sulphur Dioxide (SO2).

Clos du Phoenix is one of the few wineries in the country that applies the technique of malolactic fermentation for all its wines.

The first organic red wine, the Château Syrah 2016 is a wine produced entirely from Syrah grapes. It combines strength and flexibility, and expresses the earth and the expertise of the vineyard. A significant wine to be appreciated during the next 15 years.

Next red Wine Cuvée de la Citadelle 2016 named after the area where the winery is located. It is a perfect blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache. This wine is popular among wine lovers for its light and fruity taste. It blends the strength of the Syrah and lightness of the Mourvèdre expressing the warmth of Lebanese wines.

Very recently, Clos du Phoenix has been recognized and awarded Two Gold Medal by Asia Import News Awards 2020 :

White Wine Emiresse 2018 means little princess or Emira in Lebanon like our late mother. The harmonious blend of Chardonnay and Marsanne gives this wine fineness, freshness and refinement. The complexity of Chardonnay aromas and freshness of Marsanne are combined into a harmonious unity. The white wine has a bouquet of typical flavours of Chardonnay as “Butter” and Marsanne as “white flowers” leading to an unparalleled wealth.

Rosé Wine Les Fresques 2018 named after the frescoes adorning the local 13th century church in the village. A Syrah rosé unique in Lebanon. Made from direct pressing of grapes harvested at perfect maturity, the rosé reflects perfectly the state of mind in which they work. Nature does its work. It offers a perfect balance between freshness and richness. Very little SO2, the malolactic fermentation takes place naturally. Enjoy it chilled.

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