CANTINE CECI SPA : Italian Lambrusco Wine, the perfect balance of style and substance

Cantine Ceci, founded by Otello, host of the Parma lowlands, and combined the history of wine with its future.

It all started in 1938 in his restaurant, where the best tripe in the province was eaten and where Otello mixed the Lambrusco that he produced by buying grapes from the local farmers. His sons Giovanni and Bruno were still children, but they had already understood what charm the pressing of the grapes aroused in the season of the enthralling harvest. The restaurant was thus abandoned to kick off the adventure of the Cantine Ceci.

It is a tradition that transforms and evolves in its continuity, and that has made the Ceci brothers discover the love for grapes, for wine, and for those poetic and boiling vats, inspiring their work and suggesting them the objectives to be pursued. To continue this journey are Otello’s grandchildren: Alessandro, Maria Teresa, Maria Paola, Elisa and Chiara; they are the ones who represent the new soul of the company and help provide a new impetus to what has been done previously, to build even more solid foundations for those who will come after them; to speak through the territory and express what this land is able to give, without mystification, focusing on the great quality of what they offer on the wine market, without neglecting the innovation of the products, both from an organoleptic and aesthetic point of view, arriving to distribute sparkling wines and Otello Nerodilambrusco in a unique square bottle in the world. The rapid expansion began in the 90s, with the birth of Lambrusco Terre Verdiane, with which this grape experienced a new youth and unexpected prestige.

All this, and the deep local roots, keep the Ceci Wineries firmly in the territory and together allow their members not to be afraid to expand and indeed to collaborate every day in the certainty of their values ​​and the fact that none of them would live by nowhere else but here.

Very recently, CANTINE CECI S.P.A has been recognized and awarded TWO Gold Medal and TWO Silver Medal by Asia Import News Asia Awards 2020.


Great Lambrusco at first sight: dense and dark in color, it should tinge the sides of the glass with its exuberant foam. This is classic traditional-style Lambrusco in its greatest expression and it’s the wine that made our winery famous.

Intense purple, with gorgeous, lingering foam.

Notes of fresh and gently sweet red fruit followed by Marasca cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. Hints of colorful flowers, with notes of geraniums and pink.

Fresh and warm, perfectly balanced, with a distinct note of minerality. This is one of the greatest expressions of traditional-style Lambrusco, a wine you immediately recognize as a classic.

Best paired with traditional Emilian cuisine like tortelli d’erbetta (Swiss chard tortelli), fresh egg pasta, boiled meats, stuffed veal breast, Rosa di Parma (pork tenderloin), fried savory pies, and salumi.

DECANTA ROSSO BARBERA EMILIA IGT FE 0.75 l – Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

The perspective has changed: a revolutionary bottle of high design, which by tilting 68.2 degrees becomes a decanter and allows excellent oxygenation of the wine. It is the perfect example of synthesis between innovative and elegant form, and equally refined content. From Barbera dell’Emilia grapes a still red wine is obtained with characteristics of extraordinary modernity: a more important gradation, an elegant fruit on the nose and an excellent balance between body and final softness. The passage in wood for three months gives this unique wine an enviable structure and complexity, a finely embroidered fabric with delicate and persistent tertiary notes, evolved and clear.

Ruby red

Particularly balanced and never intrusive vegetal notes, intense hints of fruit in alcohol and quince jelly, and slightly spicy spicy aromas, from white pepper to black pepper to nutmeg to cardamom.

Warm and quite fresh and soft, it has an excellent body and a predominant tannin, but never unbalanced or excessive.

The perfect match is with structured, tasty and complex meats. Excellent as an accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine.

OTELLO Oro NERODILAMBR.1813 0,75l LAMBRUSCO EMILIA IGT FRIZ. ROSSO – Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

Considered the masterpiece of the Cantine Ceci. Harvested in early October, it undergoes a maceration on the skins at low temperature for 5-7 days.
Extraordinary purplish red color and full and enveloping aroma of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with accentuated hints of violet in the finish.

purple-red COLOR with ruby ​​reflections

Complex and enveloping hints of berries, from strawberry to raspberry to blackberry, and splendid notes of violet on the finish.

Intense, soft and round TASTE , it presents a great balance thanks to a pleasant freshness and never aggressive tannins.

Perfect for Parma cuisine in its highest expression, it offers unexpected combinations with many Italian and international dishes. On the other hand, if it goes well with cured meats such as Parma ham or Felino salami, it perfectly balances a large boiled meat or a stuffed egg pasta.

SPUMANTE LAMBRUSCO Emilia IGT 10.5% OTELLON’ICE DEMI-SEC 0.75l – Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

OTELLO is an Italian original, one of the most beloved labels in Italian wine and renowned throughout the world.

OTELLO Limited Edition wines are a celebration of the world. The first in the series is dedicated to the most spectacular city in the world: New York. It took the wine world by storm when it was first released: By pressing a silver disk on the bottom of the bottle, it lights up to reveal New York City by night. It’s never been done before and it’s a one-of-a-kind in the world of wine.

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