Olivenöl Cottone : Unique and First Class Olive Oil from Sicily

The family business has been cultivating and selling olives, oranges and almonds in Sicily since 1965. Within this tradition, the production of the family’s own olive oil developed over the year. The family business cultivates ~ 18 hectares of land on which 1700 olive trees claim their existence. For some years now, Cottone has been producing Cottone olive oil according to an old tradition, as was common in earlier times in Caltabellotta (Sicily).

The exclusive cultivation of the Biancolilla olive variety is crucial for the high quality Cottone olive oil. CS Olio has been a member of the DOP Val Di Mazara since 2007 and the associated regular controls by the consortium regarding cultivation, transport, processing and quality are certified.

Very recently, Olivenöl Cottone has joined Asia Import News and won a Gold Medal in this prestigious competition:

Cottone extra virgin olive oil – Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

The olive oil is suitable for salads and salad dressings of all kinds. Our olive oil in a salad with sun-ripened tomatoes is particularly recommended. A very special flavor composition. The oil is also suitable for cooking, frying and deep-frying, and for pickling vegetables, meat and cheese. Or just pure with a little garlic for vegetables and pasta dishes – a real treat!

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