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Wine, a story that is lost over time.
Symbol of conviviality, since ancient times it has been synonymous with socializing and sharing.
Today as then, according to nature,
it is for us.

In the land of Soave, where the roots of vineyards are firmly rooted, the ambitious project was born in 2009. Roberta Roncolato, flanked by her husband Giacomo, with determination and a courageous vision of the future decides to open the family’s winemaking tradition to new horizons, which has been going on for four generations.

The first vineyards owned by the family, dating back to the early 1900s, are lulled by the soft hills of Verona, in the denominations of the  Soave Classico and the Valpolicella Doc . It is from here that the grapes begin their journey to become wine. 


Our task is to preserve what the vineyards have handed down to us for generations. We do not change nature, but we give it a way to express itself in the best way, in another form. 

The best wines are not born in the cellar, but in the vineyards. Respect for what nature creates, the traditional collection by hand, the selection of the grapes and the care of the vines are our starting point for producing wines that preserve the whole identity of the territory.

Among the many and precious wines produced in the Verona area, only in the area of ​​the SOAVE CLASSICO , on the hills composed of volcanic tufaceous soil and important limestone outcrops, has the perfect union been created between environment and vine for the production of a white wine of quality. The two indigenous white grape varieties we use are Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave , which find their natural expression precisely on these hills.


Villa Mattielli  company has two distinct structures dedicated to the processing of grapes: One in the SOAVE area  and one in the  VALPOLICELLA DOC . Both cellars are equipped with modern production systems that allow us to personally follow the entire wine-making process,
from the destemming of the grapes to the storage of the finished product.

At Villa Mattielli they have opted for an ECO- FRIE NDLY vision  of viticulture. In fact, they have launched an energy sustainability program, of which photovoltaics was the first step, they projecting  towards a future that respects the environment and the territory and towards energy independence.

Recently,  Villa Mattielli has joined Asia Import News and won a gold medal and  a silver medal in this competition:

Delight your senses between wine and nature 
to discover Soave and Valpolicella.


Awarded Gold by Asia Import News


From the Garganega and Trebbiano this wine is born from the refined simplicity, fresh, fruity and elegant, very pleasant as an aperitif, it goes well with appetizers and fish-based dishes. 
Serve at 10 ° C.

Straw – yellow color

Bouquet – elegant and fruity bouquet

Flavor – fresh and light taste, with floral notes, medium-bodied and harmonious, gives a characteristic mineral finish


Awarded Silver by Asia Import News


The Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes are selected and placed on racks to obtain a higher concentration of sugars with drying. The aging in oak barrels enhances its characteristics. Aromas of red fruits, blackberries, currants and cherries in alcohol, with hints of vanilla, tobacco and spices. Traditionally paired with game, braised and long-seasoned cheeses. Uncork at least an hour before drinking. Serve in balloon glass at 16 ° C. 
Alc. 15%

Intense – red color with garnet reflections

Aroma – small berry fruits, blackberries, currants and cherries in alcohol, well married to the strong notes of vanilla, tobacco and spices, given by the aging in wood. Complete a delicate earthy note. Complex, well-balanced, full-bodied flavor , with lovely mineral notes, soft tannins and a plum finish. Full and lasting aftertaste.

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Enjoy Villa Mattielli white wines of Soave and the reds of Valpolicella during one of the many tasting days that the company organize in the cellar.

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