Cantine Daffara e Grasso: How They Combine Tradition and Innovation to Make Great Wines in in Calosso?

 If you are facinated by italian wines, then never miss Cantine Daffara e Grasso !

The Daffara and Grasso wine cellar relies on the most innovative wine-making technologies in accordance with local traditions in order to produce fine wines designed for a select market. Its valuable production today represents a point of reference into the Italian food and wine sector.

 In Cantine Daffara e Grasso, The winemaking tradition is immersed in the roots of history.

All of its members come from ancient grape-growing families that began brewing top wines in the early 20th century. In 1981, the three most influential members, Roberto Daffara, Angelo, and Ermes Grasso, came across. They share their experiences, history, and tradition. So after that Daffara & Grasso wine cellar was established.



At present, the sons of the members are carrying their fathers’ dream in their winery. Together with the members, they are following the path with commitment and the spirit of dedication. They realize that it’s important to combine tradition with innovation in their vineyard. Nowadays, Daffara & Grasso relies on the most advanced technologies with local traditions to produce the best wines which suits the market. Its valuable production today represents a reference point for the Italian food and wine industry.

The wine cellar of Daffara & Grasso is located in the heart of the Calosso commune. Since 2014, the vineyard landscape has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cultivation of the Moscato grape itself is a very important cultural value. It is one of the company’s most important products.

Are you curious about their beautiful vineyard and winery?


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In their wine cellar, you can discover the different wine-making stages of their wines.

Wine tasting is more than just a personal enjoyment. It is very useful for assessing and tasting the wines you might buy.

However, the visual inspection and olfactory analysis of a product once visited the prestigious ancient cellar, which is the first step in a broader and more complex learning path.

During your visit, they will offer a variety of appetizers that perfectly match their red and white wines. If you are interested in buying their wine, they’ll provide them at the best price.

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