Azienda Agricola Maria Baccellieri:How They Follow Ancient Traditions To Make Great Wines in Italy?


what’s the story behind their “handmade wine”?

The plots of the Baccellieri Farm are in Bianco, a little village of some thousands of citizens on the jonic calabrian coast, 90km far from the country borough, Reggio Calabria. The Baccellieri Farm, which also produces citrus fruits, bergamot and oil is, since its origins, in the XVIII century, a family-run business.


During the last seven years the management decided to focus on the vineyard plantation, dedicating it efforts, care and financial resources. The owner, Mariolina Baccellieri, decided to bet on one particular type of plantation, the Greco’s vineyard.


The gamble is to give back prestige to a wine wich was suffering a slow decline, after years of rewards due to the hard work of the C.A.C.I.B (the agricultural cooperative which works in the calabrian territory). The Greco vineyards had been left apart by most of the farmers, only a few decided to carry on with the Greco plantations and the Baccellieri Farm was one of those who tried to keep alive an ancient tradition which was risking the oblivion.

Subsequently, all the ancient vineyards of indigenous varieties, year after year, have started to be recovered. Among these the Mantonico and the Nerello Calabrese are among the rarest varieties. PIROCI Rosso comes from a Cru di Nerello Calabrese of over one hundred years.

Keeping on producing a “handmade wine” and aiming at the excellence has been and keeps on being the main objective of the Baccellieri Farm, which is also supported by the great results obtained since the first years of business.

Azienda Agricola Maria Baccellieri


Nowadays,  their vineyard produces approximately 50.000 litres of wine a year, but the management aims to redouble this amount in a short time and to go on achieving in the production of a great quality wine.

The high quality of their wines has received enormous credits from medias!

Particuliarly, their Piroci Rosso won the GOLD MEDAL in  AIN WINE CHALLENGE 2018!

Piroci Rosso

Piroci Rosso

Grapes:  100% Nerello from organic farming
Aging: American oak tonneaux
Ruby red with purple shades; Fruity and spicy; Warm and full-bodied, fruity, persistent with a final spicy touch
Food pairing: Red meat, roast, game, seasoned cheese
Alcohol: 14% Vol.

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