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Bixio PODERI dates back to 1866, when Lieutenant Nino Bixio from Genoa – Giuseppe Garibaldi’s right-hand man – during his stay in the Verona area for the battle of Custoza (24 June 1866) lived a love affair with a local noblewoman. bixio history

Alfonso, born of this relationship, has inherited some land in the Soave area and since then, for five generations now, the family’s heirs have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of the vine.

Thanks to the experience of Nonno Ottavio, the family winemaking tradition has been handed down with love and passion to his children.

Wines Bixio with the professional ability of the eldest son, Emilio Bixio, together with the commitment of all the members of our family has reached levels of excellence in the Italian and international wine scene.






With the lands inherited in Soave by the descendant Alfonso Bixio, the  Bixio PODERI family began its growth in the oenological world.

Since 5 generations the tradition has been handed down from father to son, but thanks to the love for their land and the experience gained, today we find a productive reality that has invested in the main winegrowing areas of Verona: historically rooted in the area of ​​Soave Classico , with the Cru Bassanella, two other important estates were acquired: one in the Valpolicella Classica (Tenuta Badin) and one in the area of ​​the Arcole Doc (Tenuta Desmontà).




Hbixio-soave-bassanella_bigISTORICAL VINEYARDS IN SOAVE


Adjacent to the Castle of Soave, just in front of the homonymous chapel dedicated to the Madonna, there is a small patch of land: the Bassanella vineyard, a two-hectare Cru located in one of the most suitable parts of the Soave area. The Cru Bassanella is a vineyard of great landscape and viticultural importance led by the Bixio family for generations, which will give you great emotions: a fresh, fruity sweet, with great drinkability and, at the same time, with an unmistakable character.





BADIN ESTATEBixio_amarone-docg_big


In one of the most fascinating corners of the village of Badin, in the municipality of Marano di Valpolicella, immersed in the green of the vineyards is the “Tenuta Badin” of BIXIO PODERI. The estate is located in the heart of the Classic area of ​​Valpolicella and is surrounded by an enchanting landscape: the vineyards, the cherry trees and a luxuriant nature create the typical and magical atmosphere of this land. Fascinating and mysterious as the place is the structure of our ancient cellars: a building entirely in stone dating back to 1600.




TENUTA DESMONTÀBixio_desmonta_big

Desmontà is a small village in the middle of the Arcole area and its name stands for “fallen from a horse” (“desmontà” in the Veronese dialect). The story says that Napoleon, who fought the battle of Arcole in 1796, fascinated by the sight of this beautiful countryside, descended from his famous white horse to enjoy and admire this unique landscape.
 From the vine to the bottle every production and transformation process is followed with the utmost care in order to offer excellent products, and the offer.

We are proud to have Bixio PODERI as winners on our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition! We congratulate them once again and wish them good luck!

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