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Luc Belaire – Straight outta France
Interview from Luc Belaire for AsiaImportNews – Exclusive


Could you please tell us the story of your winery, when it was created and how it developed decades after decades ?

Luc Belaire is an extraordinary brand which has earned global acclaim for its exquisite taste and striking package. In the 5 short years since its launch in 2012, the brand has become available in 90 countries worldwide (and counting) and sales in the U.S. have grown more than 1000%, fueling international demand. It is now the fastest growing French sparkling wine and fastest growing premium Rosé in the world!


At our Maison, established in 1898, sixth generation winemakers oversee production of each bottle of Luc Belaire. Their passion combined with their expert winemaking knowledge ensures the perfect balance is achieved in each bottle, creating the elegant, refreshing blend characteristic of our house. It is this superior taste alongside our desirable package which has brought the brand to prominence and enabled Belaire to benefit from a large fan following, many of them celebrities, music artists, actors and influencers.



What sort of wines are you producing ?

Each expression in our Luc Belaire range exemplifies the best of French wine tradition: our Rare Rosé, from the heart of Provence, is native to the most famous rosé winemaking region in the world and is the first major sparkling wine from Provence. Our Luxe and Brut Gold cuvées, pressed from 100% French Chardonnay, are made in Burgundy, one of the world’s most celebrated and historic wine terroirs. Each is complex, yet fresh, approachable, and thoroughly enjoyable.


The Belaire range combines grapes of rare quality with the craftsmanship that can only be found at a family-operated winery like ours, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience in every bottle.

Belaire – Rare Rose
Belaire – Luxe
Belaire – Luxe Fantome


How important are your export distribution compared to national distribution ?

The modern wine trade is becoming increasingly globalised and part of our success is thanks to our global approach and understanding of mature and emerging markets. For us, global export distribution is just as important as our national distribution in France.



What sort of distributors are your customers ?

Our distributors are well-respected wine & spirits distributors who share our passion for high-quality, independent brands in our crowded industry.  The wine industry is very traditional, and even with all of Belaire’s success and buzz, unique brands like ours require care, attention, and passion to thrive.  Our distributors and importers are our most valued partners in making Belaire the world’s leading French bubbly.



Why your wines are different from other wineries in your area ? 

Our Belaire Rosé, the first product of our range to be introduced, is completely unique in that Provence is not known for producing sparkling wines – in fact, all of the region’s rosé wine production goes into classic still wines (like our winery’s own lovely Cloud Chaser rosé brand).  We felt the taste of Provence rosés was perfect for sparkling wine, and its reputation as a great source of rosé has contributed enormously to the success of Belaire Rosé.

Luc Belaire – Vineyard


Do you produce grapes in a organic or environmental friendly method, or with general methods ?

We use general sustainablity methods to create naturally fermented sparkling wine


Luc Belaire – Grapes


Are your wines already distributed in Asia, and if not what are the countries you are looking for new distributors ?

We currently enjoy distribution in a range of Asian markets, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore among others, and plan to continue to expand into Asia to quench the market’s growing thirst for great wine.



Is there anything who want to add about your wines, story or any news ?

Alongside our regular range of Belaire Rosé, Belaire Luxe and Belaire Brut, we also have our luminescent line, specifically designed for nightlife, called ‘Fantôme.’ Currently Belaire Rosé Fantôme and Belaire Brut Fantôme have made a remarkable impact on our success in nightlife, and so we’re very pleased to release the latest addition to the line, Luc Belaire Luxe Fantôme – a limited edition of our delicious Luxe, featuring a luminescent label that makes a glowing statement after dark.

Luc Belaire


Thank you Luc Belaire team for your time and answers!

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