Vinto – Wines for life!

We all know RIOJA is giving amazing wines..
But did you tried VINTO? Their wines are for life!
Importers you have a great opportunity to give Asia some unique and high quality wines!
VINTO – Oscar
Interview of Sergio Pereletegui –  Export Manager – VINTO for AsiaImportNews – Exclusive


Could you please tell us the story of your winery, when it was created and how it developed decades after decades ?

VINTO is a young and modern Spanish wine company specialized in Spanish wines introducing the world of the grape varietals where each varietal can tell a very unique story about Spain. We launched the company in January 2016.

We like wines that are enjoyable to drink with good balance and control of both tannins and alcohol. Throughout Spain, many wines are typically overly extracted or rustic as this is the character traditional to the region. VINTO will preserve the essence of this regional character, but we will also ensure that the wines are suitable for the contemporary, international market. Our focus is always on clean, pure expression of fruit, as we believe the grapes to be the best conduit of terroir and tradition. Barrel ageing is a secondary consideration and should never dominate the wine. Our packaging is also clear and modern and transmits the qualities of the wine to the consumer



VINTO is built on three core and constant factors: obsessive product knowledge, the creation of strong partnerships and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the curve, leading trends and adapting to the market. This means that we’re trusted to offer in-demand products, deliver brand activation, think creatively and apply our insight and expertise to meet a variety of customer needs.

As a full-service wine company, with the a comprehensive and inspired portfolio, we’re here to add value to our customers’ businesses, ensuring everyone’s success.

In short, we love what we do and we’re passionate about what you and your customers drink. That’s what makes us different, and that’s why people want to choose us



Most of our wines are good value for money and designed for every day drinking. As we do not carry the baggage of costly winemaking facilities and large production overheads, we trim the costs of our business to offer very competitively priced wines.

Our benchmarks is always quality price ratio and we like the look of surprise on the faces of our customers when we tell them the prices. Our wines often appear in the lists of best wines under 15 Euros. We believe that is more important, and perhaps more difficult, to make a very high quality wine priced for every day drinking than it is to make an extraordinary wine that sells only in auctions.



 What sort of wines are you producing ?

The project born out as a wine range from Rioja DOC (SPAIN) with an objective to reach an audience looking for a new experience in wine consumption that expects a high quality wine with a trendly looking and an eye-catching label.



VIURA 100%

RIOJA D.O.C – 2015

Gilbert & Galiard GOLD

Wine Enthusiast 85




RIOJA D.O.C – 2015

Gilbert & Galiard 85




RIOJA D.O.C – 2015

Gilbert & Galiard GOLD






RIOJA D.O.C – 2013

Gilbert & Galiard SILVER


Wine Enthusiast 86





RIOJA D.O.C – 2011

Conc. Mond. Bruxelles


Gilbert & Galiard GOLD


Wine Enthusiast 86
We have created the brand concept: ‘THE BIG QUESTION ABOUT WINE’, inspired by the great questions arising to all of us when we have to order a wine, WHAT kind of wine?  WHY this wine …? WHEN I have to drink wine?, with WHO …? WHERE?? the doubts never come alone … and all of this seemed very interesting.

All the concept is about this idea. Each wine representing diferent characters and each of them is a big question, a personified question, by name and relates to the rest of doubts.

The characters are acting, there is a story that happens…. with whom SARA will go, or where EVA is going, or when HUGO and SARA were together… this story without beginning or ending is what can happen any of us enjoying a glass of wine with some friends.

There is no single way to drink a wine because there is no single way to take life. You know what? Long life to the questions



How important are your export distribution compared to national distribution ?

We export around 80% of total sales. Domestic market represents only around 20%.



 Why your wines are different from other wineries in your area ? 

Let us first point out the obvious and suggest that the term “winemaking” is in fact specious; in VINTO we do not “make” the wine, any more than we are responsible for converting the sunlight striking the leaves of the grapevine into sugars and more complex flavor components elaborated within the vine. The yeast themselves must be the primary suspects, vis-à-vis “winemakers,” but at a minimum, we can propose that “winemaking” is somewhat of a group effort.

La Rioja wine región in the north of Spain gives us one of the best soils, vines and climate to complete all natural process mentioned above.



Do you produce grapes in a organic or environmental friendly method, or with general methods ?

The French make a very important distinction between a vin de terroir, a wine that expresses a sense of place, and a vin d’effort, a wine that largely expresses the stylistic intention of the “winemaker’s” will. New World wines remain largely vins d’effort and certainly with good reason; most New World customers value the consistency of product and are less than enthused about vintage variation. But while controlled wines are what are seemingly done best in the New World, they also come at a price. While we may not be negatively surprised by unexpected results, we are at the same time seldom surprised by unexpectedly positive results either, and that replicability or standardization at a certain point become quite banal. “Wines of effort” are only as clever as the winemaker him/herself and that is just not so very. Wines of terroir on the other hand dazzle us with the great complexity of Nature’s order and create a real resonance within us; these are the wines that we at VINTO aspire to produce.




Are your wines already distributed in Asia, and if not what are the countries you are looking for new distributors ?

No yet. We are looking partners in attractive markets where we know there is a niche market of young people demanding this kind of affordable wines in term of Packing, Quality and Price as Japan, China, South Korea, HK, Taiwan, Philippines, etc…


Is there anything who want to add about your wines, story or any news ?

Recently we launched anew wine brand called  « Little Betty » with two wines, one red with a fantastic old vine Garnacha form Navarra D.O (North of Spain) and one white from Rueda D.O (Noth-West) with a very aromatic Verdejo variety.

Next month will be attending Prowein Fair in Düsseldorf (Germany) and there we are launching another new brand called : « La Lola de España » a very tradional and Spanish label. This is a Garnachas from Spain project where we are launching to items :

– La Lola de España. Garnacha. Méntrida D.O 2015

– La Lola de España. Garnacha. Navarra D.O 2014

VINTO – Wines for Life

Thank you Mr. Sergio Pereletegui –  Export Manager – Vinto for your time and answers!
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